Preliminarny audit


The initial audit is based on checking project documentation/project scope and conversation with key stakeholders. The audit is an independent assessment of the project carried out by an experienced and certified expert in Project/Program Management.

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  • Revision on the chosen approach - traditional vs. agile
  • Verification of the adaptation of methodology to the project environment
  • Verification of compliance with project management quality requirements
  • Identification of risks - threats and opportunities
  • Revision on the effectiveness of communication
  • Assessment of project management
  • Demonstration of compliance with the best project management practices
  • Demonstration of compliance with ISO 21500, ANSI/PMI 99-001, IEEE 1490
  • Detection of waste and unnecessary costs

Target group

  • Do you have concerns whether the chosen approach will guarantee a project's success?
  • Does your strategic project requires an independent and professional opinion?
  • Does your client requires a project's compliance with a certain method or standard?
  • Does your organization apply a culture of continuous improvement and you wonder how to refine the project management process?
  • Do you require a guarantee to ensure the quality of project management?


  • Professional recommendations
  • Independent opinion of projects
  • Minimizing risk of failure
  • Opportunity for improvement of planning future projects
  • Increasing the quality of projects
  • Verbal recommendations

2-hour preliminarny audit