Mentoring and development


The main goal of the service is to develop competences in project management based on the PMI® Triangle of Competence. Mentoring is a mutual benefit for both the Mentor and the Mentee because of ,inter alia, the possibility of cooperation, sharing experience, developing interpersonal competences, and enhancing leadership and communication skills!

Mentoring is a structured partnership between the mentor and the Mentee, consisting of regular meetings during which the Mentor (as a more experienced person and having specialized knowledge in a given field) supports and develops the Mentee’s competences. Mutual trust, the principle of confidentiality, respect and building the internal motivation of both parties to self-development, as well as seeking other perspectives to look at problematic issues are the keys to success in this relationship.

Our mentors have many years of experience and many successes in this field.

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  • Setting development goals
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Closing competence gaps
  • Competence development
  • Determining the development path

Target group

  • Project Managers
  • People aspiring to the role of Project Manager
  • People who have challenges in career development


  • Identification of barriers in achieving development goals
  • Creating a tailored development path
  • Development of potential

Level: intermediate