Portfolio Flow simulation


  • Scope depends on a choosen option simulation only / workshop with simulation
  • Flow Management and Kanban as an answer to project portfolio challenges
  • Flow Management Practices
  • Simulation game 2-3 rounds
  • Workshop summary
  • Tips for applying in your work environment

Target group

  • Managers of Project Management Office, PMO, Project Portfolios
  • Directors
  • Business owners, heads of business areas
  • Individuals with experience in project management (both agile and traditional/classical methods)
  • Process and change managers


  • Acquiring the ability to create a stable work environment
  • Developing a work system with greater predictability of product/service/project delivery
  • Ability to enhance team collaboration
  • Experience and experiment with selected Flow Management practices and their impact on work

0.5 or 1 day

Level: adjusted


Can you deliver your projects, services or products faster?

Do you want to increase the predictability of their delivery?

Do you want to strengthen a culture of collaboration and improvement within your team?

Would you like to learn how to effectively manage work and not employees?


How does it work?

The simulation is in the form of an interactive workshop, including:

  • An online simulation game using the Businessmap platform
  • Presentations of practices and metrics that are the subject of the simulation
  • Exchange of collected experiences, reflections and ideas on effective project portfolio management

During each simulation, participants, working in teams of 4-12, learn and experience effective management of project portfolio. They will learn and deepen their knowledge of different Flow Management practices. Through experimentation, they will find effective organizational solutions and implement the learned Flow Management practices in the simulation. This will bring them closer to a smooth flow, greater cooperation, and better business results. They will verify the effectiveness of introduced solutions and practices by analyzing metrics collected during the simulation, such as Cycle Time and Throughput, and by creating a CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) showing the status of work at each stage of the workflow.

At the end of each simulation we will make a summary: we will collect reflections, experiences and conclusions from the simulations and relate these experiences to the real work of workshop participants. Participants will also identify Flow Management practices and organizational solutions that they can implement in their own environment to achieve workflow and increase collaboration within teams.

We will also consider what can be done to change the entire organization to achieve business agility at the project level as well as at the company level (project portfolio) when using Flow Management.

The simulation is carried out by a team of 4 - 12 participants, divided into a Portfolio Team and 3 Project Teams. The simulation is led by two facilitators - Flow Management Experts.

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